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End of Jewel Eye is done (and checked by Grammarly)

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because I want my editor to think I’m smarter than I am ;p

End of Jewel Eye2Announcement time: today I finished End of Jewel Eye.  I’m behind schedule but the delay to let this tale percolate in my brain was well worth it.  I am as surprised by the turn of events in this segment as I am pleased with how it wound up tying all the elements of the tale from End of Mae and the yet to be released End of Joon together.  I simply can’t WAIT to share these tales.  Mae, Heylel and Alichino surprised even me.

Having just finished my rough draft of Jewel Eye is also the perfect opportunity to try out a new writer tool I’ve been hearing about – Grammarly.  I think an editor is the best writer tool we can have, but I don’t want to waste my editor‘s precious time correcting amateurish mistakes.  I do want to hurry up and get on the End of a Gust while the muse is still hot in me.  Enter Grammarly.

GrammarlyI copied and pasted my document into their checker and it went over my manuscript looking for plagiarism, word usage, contextual spelling check… not your usual spellcheck and go treatment.  I’m pleased with the results – it allows me to send a cleaner manuscript off for editing saving us both time.

Grammarly isn’t a free tool, I’m on the free trial right now, but they do have different payment options for budget options.  So far I can say I’m pleased with the results.  I hope I can get this tool in my permanent arsenal.

Here’s a sneak peek at part of what I had shared with Grammarly, still in rough draft:

Mae stood in the doorway, taking the scene in as Heylel looked up at her.  “I wanted you to distract me from my thoughts,” Heylel said sadly. “And all you have done is helped me to remember.”  Mae didn’t know what to say.  Hesitantly she walked across the room to sit beside him, the old bed whining under their combined weight.  Mae let her hand rest on Heylel’s.

The skull emanated warmth. Mae could feel an aura of heat surrounding it as if the thing had been in an oven.  Fascinated, Mae moved closer to inspect the skull.  To her it appeared to be made of clear, hard stone or smoky glass with a large topaz in one eye socket.  “She was my ethereal queen*,” Heylel whispered. He moved over slightly to give Mae a better view.  “Did you make her?” Mae asked quietly.

the winning prompt for End of Jewel Eye – Laura Griffeth with “ethereal queen.”