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Asteriods, Hemorrhoids and Other Predictions of Doom

Since the dawn of time mankind has been predicting our demise as a race.  We are fascinated by catastrophic scenarios that wipe out life as we know it.  End of the world storylines sell tickets whether it’s aliens coming to destroy us or a … Continue reading

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The World Is As Strong As Its Parts

England is burning, global financial markets plunge daily and extreme natural disasters seem to be the rule rather than the exception lately.  Things seem bleak to many, and the more we see the media sensationalize disaster, the more things spiral out … Continue reading

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My Official End of the World Message

The end of the world is supposed to be today at 6:00pm.  Here in Australia that’s in less than four hours.  Since the rapture is supposed to happen on local time, that means I’ll get to know before most of the … Continue reading

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