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Evolving With Evofiction

Imagine all the zany fun of Squidoo merged with all the networking power of Goodreads and you’ll have an idea of what Evofiction is like.

Still in it’s beta version, Evofiction has opened it’s doors to fictional writers of all levels of experience with an invitation to be a founding member.  This is an excellent chance for new writers to get exposure alongside some pros.  You can post excerpts of your work, past and present and the feedback is invaluable.

When I first posted a snippet of End of Mae up on a similar writer’s site last year I had no plans to publish it.  It was feedback from other writers and some well timed suggestions that fired me up enough to get not only End of Mae but also No Money Marketing published… and the rest is history.

I can honestly say that a site like Evofiction launched my career.  It’s sites like this that enable the writing community to come together as a dynamic cooperative instead of a bunch of lonely scribblers.

I am having fun playing around with this site and am excited to see what it evolves into.  Look for me on Evofiction (dandilyon) and be my friend… I’m already level four!  More on Evofiction… and the unveiling of Anne Sander’s Evofiction banner soon.  Until then… Carpe Mundum!