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Pets Have It RUFF

Looking for a good deed to do?  Here’s an excellent way to get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing good… and all you have to do is help some warm fuzzies!

RUFF, a no kill shelter, struggles with the influx of unwanted animals and the costs to care for them all.  Some of the animals I saw on the website are very lucky to be at RUFF… dogs like Remmie, a 14 year old hound mix with a face that is reminiscent of a hobo clown. 

Remmie looks like a sweetheart, but few people will adopt a dog that old.  A regular shelter would put him down quickly to make room for younger more adoptable dogs.  Remmie is lucky he found a home at RUFF, and he will probably remain there for the rest of his days.

Unfortunately, Remmie can’t live on love alone tho, and RUFF is seeking donations of food and money to help keep him and his kennel mates in good care.  If you’re in the Fort Walton Beach area, please consider dropping off a bag of dog food or two to help them out.  If you are too far away for that, they do have Paypal donate buttons on their site.

Times are tight all over, but for the cost of an average McDonald’s trip you could provide dogs like Remmie with a month of meals.  Visit 911ruff.org for the location and information.