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R.A. Giggie, author of Stella’s Plea on JournalJabber

JJ StellaListen in!  Tonight we have a brilliant new author with a talent for telling stories that both terrify and inspire.  Tune in to meet R.A. Giggie as she tells of the divine inspirations and asperations she has from and for her debut novel, Stella’s Plea.

From Amazon: R.A. Giggie was born in a small community in Quebec. She later moved to New Brunswick and has since made it her home. She’s a wife, mother, and grandmother. While her husband is an avid outdoors-man, she’s more a “homebody” and prefers to write stories.

She’s the author of Stella’s Plea (Nov 2012), a Christian suspense about the abduction of a deaf little girl and her mother’s struggle to find her. She’s currently working on a court drama.

Writing is her passion though she works full-time outside the home, but looks forward tojj Renee the day when she can make a living out of writing. Her favourite genres are Christian suspense, historical and Amish. However she’s always opened to new authors.

You can find her book on AmazonTwitterFacebook or on her blog.

As always, the show is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing.

Bradley Beaulieu on JournalJabber tonight!

JJ Brad Beaulieu Wide ShotIt’s another night of Journal Jabbery awesomeness and tonight’s guest is Bradley Beaulieu, author of The Lays of Anuskaya books.

Our main hostess of magnificence is taking a break so tonight’s interview will be done by Angela Yuriko Smith.

While you wait look up Bradley Beaulieu on his website or read more about his latest book, The Flames of Shadam Khoreh.

Come listen in as we jabber about all things bookish with Beaulieu!

Marketing Opportunities With Mileage

Never do what everyone else is doing if you want to be noticed, and in this teeming sea of self published flotsam to not be noticed means to not be read.  Terri Giuliano Long, author of In Leah’s Wake, agrees with me.  In my recent interview with her she states;

The secret, it seems to me, is being creative.  Try to stay ahead of the curve. When everyone else is turning left, it’s time to turn right.

But how does an author do that in this mad, media rich world? Leaving buy my book links up in a chat room of authors probably won’t sell many books.  There’s a whole crowd already there trying to sell their masterpiece a month ahead of you.  Time to be a rebel and strike your own path… without going broke.

Here are three different opportunities I’ve found for authors and the like to promote their work uniquely and effectively.  I am very familiar with each of these opportunities and have tried each of them myself except JournalJabber which I am getting line for.  I recommend each one as a way to get your work out there and reach more readers.

Reach Out With Radio BlogTalkRadio is one of the fastest growing internet radio outlets and one of the best shows I know is JournalJabber.  Every week the hostesses gather to discuss books and publishing trends with industry professionals.  On the verge of turning one year old, this radio show is maturing and finding its niche with a rapidly growing base of listeners.

Get in on the action by sponsoring the show for a month.  Forty dollars gets you a banner placed at the top of the JournalJabber page, mentions throughout the shows and sponsorship links to your product being placed in the chatroom during the live episodes and in the comments afterwards.  That promotion lasts for a full month and the mentions on air as well as the links in the comments remain indefinitely to continue promoting you.  That is a lot of marketing for your dollar.  For more information contact Amy Eye, the hostess with the mostess, via this convenient web form.

Market It With Machinima Few things go viral on the internet like Youtube clips and to make your own movie promotion you need look no further than our own Ember Marketing.  Her channel on Youtube has exploded in growth as she posts videos on gaming, commercials and trailers in a variety of styles.  After some experimentation to develop her creative style she’s now ready to make movies full time.

Get in on the action in a variety of ways.  For just $10 you can get your book/blog etc. a mention in one of her videos.  These get posted on her regular channel which is exposed to nearly 1,400 subscribers and thousands of viewers.  If you have a little more to spend and don’t want to share the spotlight you can have her create a 30 second commercial to showcase your project for $50.  Your commercial would be available on her brand new Ember Spark channel for you to share.  For more information contact Kira at kittykatember at gmail.com.

Borrow Some Blog Space For seven years Tarah Schaeffer helped children learn to accept themselves for who they are on the hit preschool show Sesame Street.  As an adult she continues to try to promote literacy on her blog, Country Book Bumpkin as a book reviewer.  Her list of reviews is growing weekly as she breaks into a rewarding new area of her life.

Get in on the action with a low-cost adspace up on Tarah’s blog.  Starting at an amazing $5 a month this is a fabulous way to get your information to readers, authors and other reviewers.  When an author gets reviewed we share it everywhere that will accept a hyperlink.  If your ad is sitting prominently alongside that review you will get shared to.  For more information contact Tarah at tlynnesch at gmail.com

There are three ways to get some original self promotion that isn’t just another buy me link with good value for your marketing monies.  In a crowded online world it can be hard to be noticed so dare to be different.

My disclosure:  I know each of these individuals closely and have also conducted business with each of them.  I recommend each of them for their integrity, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.  I use each of their services my self.


Hear Me Live on JournalJabber Tonight!

Tonight’s the night I’ll have the pleasure of being interviewed by Amy Eye of the internet radio sensation JournalJabber, hosted by JournalStone Publishing.  The interview will be live, so my every stuttering nuance can be captured for prosperity with no editing ;p 

I’m so glad we’ve had a chance to rest up after all the traveling because last week I might not have been capable of stringing three sentences together let alone be witty and engaging (witty and engaging is a goal, not a promise!)  Amy has become a good friend of mine as we’ve been running around in the same circles and I’m really looking forward to having a good chat tonight – with eavesdroppers!

To tune in visit JournalJabber tonight at 9pm est. and add your questions and comments to the chatboard during the show.  If you miss the live show I will be posting the link to the archive tomorrow.  Until then, it’s another awesome day in the USA – have fun with it!

JournalJabber: Literal Mayhem

My interpretation of JournalJabber ;p

This post is coming a bit late due to our internet tossing a tantrum, but I wanted to share an internet radio show I’ve been listening to for the past few weeks. 

 JournalJabber, sponsored by JournalStone, is a wonderfully fun show that focuses on new literature coming out.

The exchanges between the hostesses will have you in stitches with some of the crazy exchanges that go on.  This is not English 101, and you are guaranteed to stay awake as well as stay ahead of the latest trends and news in the recently manic world of publishing.

You can sign up with BlogTalkRadio to listen live and participate in the chat room, or catch the shows afterwards in the archives.  Listening live allows you to ask questions of the authors and the hostesses, as well as comment.  Be sure to check out the show, and look for updates here when my internet gets over its fit.

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CS Splitter, author of The Reluctant to be on the show!  Congratz Splitter!