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Alexander Zoltai (& Sena Quaren) on Journal Jabber tonight

JJ 1Hear here (get it? ;p)

With the government in partial shut down, the environment in a mess and human to human violence at a frenetic peak, there is no better time to hear from Alexander Zoltai and his book, Notes from an Aliena book written to show mankind a better way.

Tune in and hear from a wise alien and her human counterpart as they impart a message of peace… and hope.

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Spotlight: Notes From An Alien by Alexander M Zoltai

Today I’d like to welcome someone I’ve known for a while but not nearly as well as I’d like to.  Alexander M Zoltai is one of those unique people who provokes thought as you chat with him.  Some people think outside the box… Alexander thinks outside the room.

I have always admired him for his individualism and his dedication to global peace.  Today he has graciously agreed to visit Dandilyon Fluff and share information about his book, Notes From An Alien.

Alexander, thank you so much for taking the time to be interviewed.  I am halfway thru Notes From An Alien but haven’t had a chance to finish it yet.  Can you please share a little about the story for readers unfamiliar with it?

Start with a 500-year Inter-World War.
Continue through ecological disaster and the decimation of populations.
Follow the institution of a Worlds’ government that helps bring a glimmer of
hope. Discover the challenges and failures of unifying three very different Worlds.
Explore what it takes to give birth to a lasting peace.
This is what reading Notes from An Alien promises.
And, this story could help Earth

I’m excited to read what your solutions for helping the Earth are.  I need to learn to read faster or get more leisure time.  What were some of the things that inspired this story with a higher cause?

The major inspiration for the book came from the 23 years I spent studying
philosophy, psychology, politics, religion, and myself–trying to find a way
to look forward and have Hope

Also, even with all the Bad News around the world, I was inspired by the
efforts of multitudes of people, mostly working silently but devotedly, to
hasten world peace.

I often have to cling to the knowledge that there are people out there working against the negativity that sometimes seems ready to overwhelm us, and I have always admired you for the constant drive you have to help people find a proactive approach to global peace.  Are any of the characters in your tale like you, and who are you least like?

Well, as usually happens, bits of the writer end up in most
of the characters but the one I’m most like is Morna, the artificial
intelligence 🙂 I like her because I’m always trying to figure out what
humans beings are doing.  The character
I’m least like is the “co-author”, Sena Quaren

Now that I know that it will be interesting to see if I can pick any of that up as I finish the book.  How about marketing your book… do you have any favorite strategies that have worked well for you?

I prefer the word Promotion.  What hasn’t worked (and, I did try hard to work it) was Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  My main approach is to make friends
first–on my blog and on Book Island in Second Life. If they find out about my
books, fine. If they buy them, great. But, having them read the books is
paramount so I still give digital copies away.

Word of mouth and making friends is hands down the most effective method of getting your message communicated so I think you are on the right track.  Do you plan to continue this story arc and what other projects might you have lined up for us?

I’m currently preparing to write a series of 19 short stories–in the same universe
and time-frame as the novel.  After that’s published, I’ll begin writing a sequence of 19 epic poems to round out the series

Now I will have to get back with you to find out the significance of the number 19… unless I’m about to read it in Notes From An Alien.  You obviously write from a genuine love and passion for it.  Do you have any advice for budding authors?

First, read. But, certainly not a bunch of how to write books. Read gobs of fiction and large portions of non-fiction.  Second, get as many opinions about your writing as you can.
Third, change your writing if you feel the opinions will improve it.  Fourth, Don’t give up…

Thank you so much for all your wise words and insight.  You can catch up to Alexander on his blog or visit his Global Peace Chat that was inspired by the book.  You can also get a free copy of Notes From An Alien here.  Please be sure to check out this activist author and if you like the message… share!

Note: I met Alexander on Book Island, a place I unfortunately haven’t been able to frequent much since I discovered it but I hope to be able to start hanging out again soon.  It’s a wonderful place for writers to get to know writers.  Here’s some of my old Book Island Posts:

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