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Review: American Gods

I just finished reading American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition: A Novel by Neil Gaiman and it was not a mere sheaf of printed paper stuck together between card stock cover. This book was an immersive experience. Written by Neil Gaiman, … Continue reading

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Sticks & Stones with Amy Eye: Star gazing

Tell me how you feel on a scale of one – five. One being you are ready to throw in the towel and five being you are the happiest you could dream. So, I guess three would be you are not … Continue reading

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Product review: Artisan Nut Thins

Product review time! I was recently asked to try out some new crackers called Artisan Nut Thins by Blue Diamond. My favorite review site, Naturally Savvy, sent me three boxes to sample; Multi-seeds, Flax seed and Sesame seed. My impressions:  The … Continue reading

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