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Creating Real Readers from Virtual Worlds pt. 4

Networking as an author – where do you do it? It helps a lot if you have a scrabble of scribblers* at your beck and call to bounce ideas off of, ask for advice and proofread. Some of us are … Continue reading

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What Did the Cat See? #1

I’m so excited… What Did the Cat See? was the #1 free cat book on Amazon today! Yes, I know it’s the top of a free category but I am still thrilled. Thank you to everyone for all the shares, likes, … Continue reading

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My Newest Book: Free Tonight

My writing life abruptly changed a few months ago one night at the Dunkin Dounts in Crestview. Robin Wiesneth and I had planned on hitting a poetry slam there and we’d missed it. We decided to drown our disappointment in … Continue reading

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My visually creative steam punk night

I’ve been off creating an outfit in Second Life all day and this is what I came up with.  I wanted to try my hand at steam punk. This is going up for sale in our shop and if there … Continue reading

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Today I want to let you know about some of the exciting events happening in Second Life right now, particularly the MWGA Expo. The top names in media are participating making it an invaluable opportunity for networking.  If you are trying to … Continue reading

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The Other Side of Second Life

From a recent opinion piece I have up on Blogcritics: Second Life has recently been given a bad rep from Director Jason Spingarn-Koff’s.  A virtual world that is used for business and social interaction, Mr. Spingam-Koff’s ‘documentary’ on Second Life … Continue reading

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End of Mae: Editor’s Pick for Second Life’s Destination Guide

Just bopping around the internet today with no real purpose when I stumbled across the virtual Heylel’s house built from my book as an Editor’s Pick for Second Life’s Destination Guide! I wondered why there were so many people exploring today!  Thank you Second … Continue reading

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Virtual Art Exhibit: Mamaz & Her Unforgettable Places

  Mamaz Felwitch sees life a little differently.  The latest artist up in the exhibit hall, Mamaz makes her virtual environment into a canvas to share with the rest of us.  Her moods play across her work, sharing her depth of emotion in whimsical … Continue reading

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The Machinimist Marketer Column Up @Hypergrid Business

A few days ago I announced that I’ll be contributing to Hypergrid Business as a guest columnist.  If you haven’t checked this well done publication out yet, I welcome you to do that now… and while you’re there visit me … Continue reading

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Virtual Art Exhibit: H. Teasdale is Our Jewel on the Coast

Art mimics life, enhances it and defines our experiences.  It is completely fitting, therefore, to present art in a format that mimics life. I am pleased to announce the opening of our first virtual exhibit at House of SilverJinx.  The … Continue reading

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