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Video: How I lost the Weight

I’ve been promising a video for awhile on how I lost nearly 50 pounds in less than a year and it’s finally done :) I tried to answer every question and lay out every step I did without droning on too … Continue reading

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18.7 pounds to go!

With two luncheons (and some heavenly cornbread!) starting the week, I’m surprised I lost the 1.3 pounds I did. There was also some bacon, sweet potatoes… and I only worked out twice. Still, I progressed and am now down to 164.3 … Continue reading

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The next twenty pounds…

The first twenty pounds was easy. I simply gave up sugar, had 310 Shake for breakfast and watched the weight peel off. I didn’t exercise other than walking my dog in the evening. It only took about two months to … Continue reading

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Artificial Sweetners: Not So Sweet

I have long suspected artificial sweeteners to be one of the causes of diabetes.  I’ve known people without any hereditary sign of the disease in their genetics suddenly being hit with it while people that do have a genetic probability go disease … Continue reading

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