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Art Finished: Monsters Are Everywhere

© 2014 Mary-Anne Leslie

© 2014 Mary-Anne Leslie

I JUST got back the art for Monsters Are Everywhere and I am excited. We were hoping for a before-Halloween-release date and that’s a given now.

Mary-Anne Leslie did an amazing job on the art, and while I can’t show you everything until it’s released, I can’t help but give you a sneak peek. We are finalizing the release date, but this should be available by mid-October, just in time for Halloween festivities 🙂 Keep watching for details…!

Don’t Worry, Star is set to be released Oct. 5 and Baa Baa Yaga, a collaboration with Robin Wiesneth, is in production,

A Poetic Tail and a Plea

From Angela: In keeping with the National Poetry Month theme we have noted children’s author and artist Robin Wiesneth to share some verse with verve. She also does a lot of work to help alleviate the unwanted animal population by helping worthy organizations find homes for them, so after you read her poetry and visit her site, come back and share so Juno and Jarvis (bottom of the post) have a better chance of finding their forever home.

Robin WiesnethHi, Robin here!

You may know me from my hilarious but rarely updated blog “ABrushwithHumor” or my Facebook page of the same name. I have a passion for shelter pets and paint a lot of them (to clarify – I don’t actually paint the animals, I paint pictures of them).

Recently I’ve ventured into children’s picture books and I’m having a blast. This poem is about my first book: Tails of Imagination poem

Like what you see? Shipping is FREE!

Drop by my web site at Tailsofimagination and check it out!

Juno and Jarvis are four-month-old Hound/Pointer pups. Juno is an adorable sweetheart with a little overbite and Jarvis is a little snuggle buddy who had a slight spinal injury, which made his back legs a little wobbly. They are looking for someone with a huge heart to take them home forever. These adorable pups are available for adoption to an approved family. For more info call Alaqua Animal Refuge at (850) 880-6399, visit them at 914 Whitfield Rd, Freeport or find them online at alaquaanimalrefuge.org

Juno and Jarvis are four-month-old Hound/Pointer pups looking for someone with a huge heart to give them a forever home. These adorable pups are available for adoption to an approved family.
For more info call Alaqua Animal Refuge at (850) 880-6399, visit them at 914 Whitfield Rd, Freeport or find them online at alaquaanimalrefuge.org.

Poetry Slammed

Poetry Slammed R Wiesneth and AY Smith

“We’ll just have our own poetry slam.”

To celebrate National Poetry Month my friend Robin Wiesneth and I had great plans – we were heading off to a town neither of us were familiar with to attend a poetry slam competition. We even wrote poems for the occasion. We were focused. We were driven. We were too late.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, we each arrived, separately, to the slam late. For my part, I now know that 285 is not the same road as 85. I also found the way to Mossy Head.

The journey wasn’t a total waste – Robin and I warmed up our literary skills by texting off the cuff poems to each other. A common theme seemed to be the slow truck I was stuck behind. Now what word rhymes with truck when you are angry and late?

Having missed poetry sign up, we decided to mourn our lost opportunity for poetical greatness at Dunkin Donuts, filling the void with Peep topped donuts and coffee. To make it official, we had our own mini slam and exchanged poems and some really good ideas. We wrapped things up with me grabbing some signed copies of Robin’s book, Tails of Imagination, and taking a selfie of ourselves with them.

"This isn't Crestview...!"

The “This isn’t Crestview…!” Selfie

I apologize in advance for the use of the word “selfie.” Ever since I saw all the White House drama over the Obama-Ortiz Selfie Snafu I am hooked on the idea and plan to take as many ridiculous selfies as I can. In fact, here’s one of me lost in Mossy Head on my way to poetry slam.

Thank you Robin for the fun, the donuts, the title of this post and for signing some books for the grandkids…! I’m glad to miss poetry slam with you anytime.

Adventure closed.

Picture Perfect

Picture books have always held a special place in my heart. Combine lush illustrations with rhyming prose and I’m hooked.

Takeoffs are golden

I get the most joy as an artist from creating compositions that tell stories. The artwork in my series “Tails of Imagination” is a collection of self-contained stories that the viewer gets to imagine as they look at each image. As the series grew from a few paintings to dozens, setting these images to “words” seemed like a natural next step.

When I began creating my own picture book, “Tails of Imagination – Ordinary Pets, Extraordinary Adventures“, I started to wonder why I was so enamored with picture books in general. I made a long list of reasons and since I’m practicing to become a better writer, I whittled the list down to a few key points.

  • Picture books bring kids willingly into the difficult task of learning to read.
  • Clever and engaging illustrations prompt a child to ask the important questions: Who? What? Where? Why, and How?
  • Picture books offer a multi-layer way to engage with a story, giving young children a chance to create good reading habits even before they have the skills or vocabulary to read independently.
  • The act of listening as a book is read aloud helps a child to become a good listener.

Here’s a great video presented during Picture Book month (November), that sums it up nicely:

Why do you love picture books? What are your favorites? Please share in the comments below!


Robin Wiesneth is Telling Tales on Journal Jabber!

jj 1Listen in to the last show of the year!

Tonight’s guest is Robin Wiesneth, highly acclaimed author of whimsical paintings that are fine art that makes you giggle and most recently, author of the new children’s book, Tails of Imagination.

Whether you keep up with her on her blog, A Brushjj 6 With Humor or find her new website, Tails of Imagination, Robin is worth hunting for.

As warm, wonderful and whimsical as her paintings… do the children you know a favor (and the secret child inside you) and get some Tails of Imagination into your life. And if all that weren’t awesome enough already, she has some giveaways and free days coming up too!

Here’s my silly rhyme for Robin:

Her trailer’s on Youtube, her tweets are on Twitter

Her Facebook page and her profile are better than sweet apple fritters.

I like her Link’d In, her Google+ I adore.

When you say “Robin Wiesneth” I say “Give us more!”

And I’m done.  You follow the links and I’ll let Robin take it from here ;p

Tonight’s episode is sponsored by The Eyes for Editing!