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A Day to Dye For

John Dye working his make up magic...

Today started off with a bang… literally!  We were on our way to P’cola to meet the cute and colorful John Dye when someone smashed into us in the parking lot of Chik-Fil-A.

We are still not convinced we need to own a car so we were borrowing my daughter’s.  We were backed into while we waited at a stop sign and it crushed one of the doors pretty well.  No one was hurt and everyone insured so it turned out to be alright in the end.  Tomorrow my daughter gets to see the damage, so I may be amending that ;p

Our mission included getting Mr. Smith’s medical exam done for his visa.  We checked into the doctor’s office and decided to grab lunch while we waited.  We were happily munching onion rings and chatting about things when around the corner came Brigette, one of my old friends.  I went into shock.

The really crazy thing about that is we were both over an hour’s drive from where we live.  Brigette and I literally shop at the same stores and live within 5 miles of each other and haven’t seen each other since I’ve been back in the States.  How weird is it that we would randomly run into each other that far away?  Very weird, but we still enjoyed a quick chat before heading to our appointment.

Then it was time for the visa medical.  We waited for over an hour so we could pay $125 for a one minute examination – seriously, one minute.  And why are flu shots considered an immunization shot requirement?  Have they not seen all the movies where a modified flu virus is forced on the people and it mutates the populace into flesh crazed zombies?

When the medical stuff was over we were on our way to the fun part of the day – meeting John Dye!  I am featuring John in my next marketing book because he is the epitome of performance based, no money marketing.  This charismatic powerhouse has been on MTV, shared air with Taylor Swift, been in a tabloid magazine, runs his own magazine and is preparing his own signature make up line for release.  John oozes OMG!

The interview was brilliant with so much insight.  This man can honestly say he’s fulfilled all his dreams by his late 20’s and now he’s deciding what he wants to conquer next.  With his single minded drive, natural charm and beautiful personality John is one star I think that will remain shining for a long time.  More on John later… after this long day I’m ready to snuggle in my jammies, relax and catch up on some writing.

It’s been an exciting day – can’t wait for tomorrow.  Bring it on! xox

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