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JG Faherty: When Fact and Fiction Collide


Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith

From Angela: Please welcome JG Faherty – my personal friend, horror colleague and mentor. If I remember, I think I first met Faherty through the JournalJabber talk show I was co-hosting with Amy Eye. I was impressed by his warmth and wit from first chat. We’ve gotten to know each other better since then through the Horror Writers Association and he continues to earn my admiration as both a writer and as a person of merit.  And with that, I turn the blog over to him.


JG Faherty

I write fiction. I also read a lot of it. Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers. I also read non-fiction, with my particular interests being paleontology, herpetology, environmental biology and conservation, and anthropology. Mainly because those were subjects I studied in college and grad school.

As with most readers, over the course of a life time I’ve seen some amazing instances where fiction predicted fact, sometimes by years, occasionally by centuries. The devices in some of Jules Verne’s books. The scientific advancements in Star Trek. The political and social changes depicted by authors such as David Gerrold, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Gene Roddenberry, and so many others.

But I never expected to do it myself.

A few years ago, I wrote a book. The working title was Lightning from a Clear Sky. In it, a teenage girl gets struck by lightning and afterward begins to develop strange powers. But it’s not until she’s kidnapped by a secret military group that she realizes she was the accidental victim of an experimental weapon.

Which brings me to my instance of precognition.

About halfway through the writing of the book, I came across a news article about how the U.S. military was working on weapons that use lightning. The idea being, it’s a powerfully destructive force, and it’s impossible to trace. Imagine a satellite that can deliver a bolt of lightning to a specific target—an enemy stronghold, a missile silo, a computer center—and remain undetected. Quite a weapon, especially when you consider certain facts about lightning:

* An average bolt of lightning can travel at 90,000 miles per second and superheat the air to 50,000° Fahrenheit.

* Lightning bolts can produce X-rays, gamma rays, and possibly antimatter. No one knows how.

* A moderately large bolt of lightning produces enough energy to power 56 houses for 24 hours.

Why wouldn’t the military want something like that?

Now, it’s possible—even likely—that the military has been working on these kinds of weapons long before I read about them. Long before I ever thought of my story. But I still consider it a bit of a prediction, especially when you consider that I also envision different types of energy being produced as the bolt passes through space and then the atmosphere.

Of course, to the best of my knowledge, no one is experimenting yet on zapping people with lightning to see if it produces any supernatural abilities.

At least, not yet!



Struck by lightning, developing new superpowers, and pursued by a power-hungry secret military group that wants to use her as a weapon of mass destruction…it's so not the 18th birthday that high school senior Chloe Olivetti was hoping for.

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