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It’s a Money! Money! Monday

All this for $1.03

Today we are officially debt free.  It’s taken a lot of creative scrimping over the years but it has finally paid off.  We owe no one and have brought our total monthly costs to around $500 a month.

The era of creative scrimping is far from over however because now we want to invest.  I haven’t talked a lot about money specifics on my blog so far but I’d like to start sharing some of the amazing deals, free items and ways to get extra with my favorite ‘fluffers’.  If you’re reading this, that’s you ;D 

Today I want to introduce you to an awesome site that I have followed for years called Money Saving Mom.  Because of this site I have stayed supplied with luxury items and gifts without spending more than a few dollars.  MSM makes putting together complicated coupon deals easy by doing all the work for us. 

She covers Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart, internet deals and more.  MSM is who taught me to get heaps of free goods from CVS and Walgreens.  You can read some past posts on my old blog where every Saturday I’d divulge my favorite deals – and how much they cost.

Some of the awesome deals up at MSM right now are 20 Free Kodak Prints at CVS (just in time for Christmas cards), 10 Reams of Paper and Markers for a penny after rebate from OfficeMax and Free Barista Prima coffee samples sent by mail.  Never miss the Deals of the Week for Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS and learn how to get all your drugstore shampoos and other goods for free or nearly free.  Be sure to look for MSM’s awesome tutorials at the bottom of her posts to learn how to not only get heaps of free useful stuff, but sometimes even get paid to carry it away. 

One of the things I missed while in Australia is they don’t really have coupons and bargains like we do in the US so I’m excited to get back on the hunt and see what goodies I can score.  And now my secret’s out on how I can always have gifts but never spend money.  It’s the thought that counts anyways ;p

Let me know if you score any interesting deals from reading MSM’s site.  I check daily because she is constantly posting new items and some of them close out pretty quickly.  And that’s my tip for this week.  Happy deal hunting!