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How Google+ gets writers noticed

Google+ has made it easier for writers to grow their audience by adding two new visibility features for Google+.  First, Google integrated with Google+. Sign in with the company’s Authorship program, which automatically associates articles with a writer’s Google+ profile. … Continue reading

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WordPress Vs. Blogger

I’m finally all moved over to WordPress and the feathers are starting to unruffle.  The first few days have been a rush to transfer feeds, change links and get used to the new format. I came over because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Nothing a Walk & Some Chocolate Won’t Fix

The idea was a simple one in the beginning.  Move this blog from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress is for professional bloggers, I was told.  At the same time I had an opportunity to attend an online course on WordPress blogging, … Continue reading

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The Light at the End…

Finally, after days of struggle and pulling out my hair… WordPress has been conquered.  Turns out WordPress itself is not that hard, and switching the blog over was pretty easy in the end.  The problem was that I was working … Continue reading

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We Will Now Break for Intermission

Last you heard from me I was switching this blog over to the glories of WordPress… and… I’m still switching.  Hopefully I can get it all moved over tomorrow, and we’ll be back up and running smoothly in no time. … Continue reading

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In the Process of Moving to WordPress… Eeeeeep!

I said I was going to move the blog to WordPress, and I am in the process right now.  I’m in step #4, and already utterly confused, so hopefully Fluff won’t blow up or delete itself or anything.  Wish me … Continue reading

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To Press, Or Not to Press… That Is My Question

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about WordPress, and how it’s the only way to make money with your blog, and all serious bloggers use it.  This raises a few questions to me, the first being, do I want to … Continue reading

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