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Are Horror Writers Psychopaths? Test Yourself

Alex, the teenage protagonist from “A Clockwork Orange,” a dystopian novel by English writer Anthony Burgess.

People often assume horror writers must be psychopaths that keep bodies in the basement. The truth is, horror writers are too busy writing to worry about real bodies. Case in point—what books have you read by Norman Bates and Dexter lately?

In reality, horror writers tend to be some of the more emotionally stable people in our society. Anyone that says they don’t have negative thoughts and emotions sometimes is lying. We all go through dark times. Rather than bottle it up, writers of the dark arts express, deal and then transform that negative energy into something positive.

Writing is a form of therapy that can pay if you have the talent. Many writers capitalize on personal negative experiences by mining them for inspiration. I can’t think of any other line of work that pays for your emotional baggage.

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, the fictional character created by Robert Bloch.

Personally, I’m often told that I have an upbeat, positive personality. People are surprised when they read some of my darker work, but it is because I write about terrible things that I can be so happy.

If I get mad at someone, including myself, I kill them with ink. There is nothing like a violent  fictional bloodletting to put me in a good mood.

But rather than have me convince you, let science decide. The Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised is the industry standard for identifying psychopathic individuals. At £400 for the complete test kit, the official text would be outside of the Bates’ budget and mine as well.

Fortunately, for those of us without government backed funding, we can take a test based on the Hare version. It’s free, fast and available online here. I invite everyone I know—fellow writers, friends and fans—to take the test and share results. I scored an 18, so you are safe with me in a dark alley. Scores above 30 indicate psychopathy.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter, the mild mannered serial killer that targets other killers.

As a bonus, I invite writers to take the test from the mindset of a psychopath and try to score high. To write a compelling perspective we have to be able to slip into the skin of others. See how well you do when you test from a different mindset. As a psycho, I scored 32, so I made it.

What are your scores?

Note: This test is just for fun. Only a professional, which this test is not, can make a true assessment. Please don’t take this as anything more than an exercise in creativity and self assessment.

Panhandle Focus, now bi-monthly

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.07.09 AMJust finished the September issue of the Panhandle Focus and there was so much material it was going to be a whopping, overloaded affair.

Instead, I’ve decided to share the love over the month and simply go to bi-monthly publication now. It’s been suggested and requested that we go bi-monthly many times since the first issue Aug. 1. The issues will now come out on the first and fifteenth of each month.

Enjoy this September 1 issue—it’s packed with fashion shows, charity, women making a difference, archery, animals, cornhole… we do a lot in the Panhandle worth talking about!

To view the paper, simply follow this link (The Panhandle Focus) or visit PanhandleFocus.com. You can also always find it available to the right in my sidebar.

Writer haiku

Haiku 3

Review: SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Keyboard

IMG_20140630_201815_999After three tries I finally found the perfect keyboard for the iPad: the SHARKK Backlit Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard by this progressive company called SHARKK.

I love writing with this new set up. It syncs up to the iPad almost instantly for quick typing and the response is immediate.

The keys just feel good and they are back lit with a range of zazzy colors to choose from. The keyboard clips to the iPad securely and easily with magnets and the sleek aluminum profile looks good, feels good and is professional without being boring. I can’t say enough good things about this keyboard. It’s so fun to work with I bet it even cures writer’s block ;D

Here’s my video review on the subject – thanks to first time camera man xmonkeydoox for helping me create it!

Journal Jabber – Alicia Sparks – Radio Show 6·1·14

jj1After a few glitches and a lot of learning, the new Journal Jabber shows are starting to come out.  Listen in as Alicia Sparks heats things up as we chat about her newest release, “Sin Bin,” hockey and her birthday.

Journal Jabber on YouTube!

Here it is – the first Journal Jabber show in it’s new home, nestled comfortably on the Ember Spark channel.  What a great first show as well – four authors of microfiction pit pen and prose against each other in a battle of words to see which will walk away as the Iron Writer 2014.

Future shows will be posted on the channel and we will start posting the archives as well.  We will have more freedom to do extra shows and be much more creative than our former platform allowed.  Please have a listen, like and share.  Subscribe to catch them all!

Thanks Ember for hosting Journal Jabber on your channel!


How Google+ gets writers noticed

google-+Google+ has made it easier for writers to grow their audience by adding two new visibility features for Google+.  First, Google integrated with Google+. Sign in with the company’s Authorship program, which automatically associates articles with a writer’s Google+ profile.  This means that a writer’s information will will surface when their content appears in Search, News or other Google products.

At launch, the Google+ Sign In integration is only available for WordPress and Typepad, but should be expanding to more sites soon.  In addition to growing its Authorship program, Google introduced embedded posts, a functionality that is always available on Twitter and Facebook.

~from “Website Magazine,” Nov. 2013