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My first eReader

I’ve read that Christmas 2010 was the beginning of the ‘real’ eBook revolution.  While eReaders have been around for years (my first was around year 2000 I believe and was the heavy but lovely Rocket eBook) apparently this is the year that they are really taking off.  I certainly hope so for a few reasons.

The most beautiful reason being that digital publishing puts the power into the hands of the author and opens up all kinds of new opportunity for eCooperation. 

Take the recent book Under Her Skin.  I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I see it as a stunning idea that I would like to try.  A collaboration of three authors, it triples the books exposure and marketing and allows the authors to share their readers with each other.

Authors no longer have to depend on huge publishing houses for notoriety, and readers no longer have to be force fed the same commercialized literature as their only source of read feed.  A revolution is occurring where readers vote with their dollars and anyone might discover the next Harry Potter.

Another benefit to the eReader revolution is the accessibility and share-ability.  It brings reading back as inexpensive entertainment.  From the comfort of my computer I can shop, select a book for .99 and have it sent to my Kindle.  I can be reading faster than it takes me to brew a pot of coffee.  Later I can share/tweet that I read the book with all my friends, post my favorite quotes and rate it.  Reading has once again become something to share.  

I love the idea of author collaboration.  Two or three people with similar genres can benefit each other.  Not only do they pool their marketing and promotion, but they naturally add the power of diversity as their different marketing methodologies can only enhance their promotions.  More, spread farther is a key of marketing, and two or more authors can spread better than one.

Indie authors have long been the underdog, but suddenly the very things that were our disadvantages are becoming our strengths.  True, we don’t have a publisher behind us… but that means we are free.  Collaboration is just a yes away.  No need for complicated lawyers and contracts. 

No one owns our work, no one can hang on to our rights and forget about them at the bottom of a file drawer.  We are the masters of our masterpieces and the only ones we answer to are the readers.  Once again a dollar decides a book’s fate, and that sounds fair enough to me.

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  1. Good idea with the anthologies… who doesn’t love a short story:)

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