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Bitter Suites ARC is Ready

Looking for beta readers! My advanced reader copy of Bitter Suites is ready for anyone who would like to get a preview. Illustrations by Kyra Starr. Not all the art is finished yet and the cover on it now is … Continue reading

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David Bowie’s “Eight Line Poem”

All this talk of poetry reminded me of David Bowie’s song, “Eight Line Poem.” This song first appeared on his Hunky Dory album in 1971. This song brings me, in so few words, to where a young Bowie must have … Continue reading

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“If” Read-Off: Martin Shaw vs. Dennis Lee Hopper

I had so much fun with last week’s “The Raven” Read Off I decided to do it again. This week I’m pitting celebrities reading Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If.” In today’s pit we have English actor Martin Shaw reading against Dennis Lee Hopper, an … Continue reading

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Zathom for Fun and Flash Fiction

Zathom is a fun site for writers to hang out and hone their skills with “micro-literature inspired by unique Fathoms that tap into the psyche.” An interactive space for writers to play in, the site gives you three words and you have to … Continue reading

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Review: “dig it” by John Reinhart

Oh, how I love the sharp quirk of John Reinhart’s poetry. I used to drink vodka and Tang, and that’s what his work reminds me of. Sharp, playful and it can rearrange your insides. His latest offering, “dig it” has … Continue reading

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Train Going Down, Down

Remember my “train going down, down” from my short story on Amazon,  The Heaven Grift? This month I pulled from that story to write my prompt for the Ladies of Horror flash prompt. In my story, the train is just … Continue reading

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Ladies of Horror Round-up

The Ladies of Horror flash fictions have been going up over at Nina D’Arcangela’s Spreading the Writer’s Word blog and I’ve missed sharing them so far this month. Sweet and spooky, these shorts from some of the best names in horror share their … Continue reading

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Go Higher

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“The Raven” Read Off

I found readings of Edgar Allan Poe’s infamous poem “The Raven” by Christopher Walken, Vincent Price and James Earl Jones. I have read this poem hundreds of time, but have never heard it like this! My opinion: Walken’s version is … Continue reading

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Money in Poetry

Busy busy! Daily life can be such a pain. All the mundane details pile up and get in the way of writing. Too bad stories are made up of those seemingly mundane details, so they are necessary. As I sort … Continue reading

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